Welcome to Davis Creek Farm

In the daily rhythm

of tending to the land and animals

with reverence and gratitude,

the human heart awakens

to the sacred language of the earth.

 Come Join Us:

 Children's Summer Camp 


* Farm and Garden Workshops

* True Nature Workshops


*Visit the Farm Store

*Meet Nature's Teachers

*Bask in the Fresh Mountain Air


Copyright © 2017 by Elizabeth Van Deventer

Herd Matriarch, Stella,  with Elizabeth.

               Photo by Stephanie Gross.

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Eating will not be a mean occupation, but an act consummated with soul and spirit, for [we shall] know that everything we eat is the external form of something spiritual . . . Why have the initiates of all ages urged people to say grace before eating? The grace should be a token of the recognition that, together with the food, something spiritual enters into [us]."

 Rudolf Steiner

-Universe, Earth and Man.--Lecture III

Stuttgart, August 6th 1908