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We ask for your patience as we continue to finish our new website (published this April).
We will add more information on our farm products soon. In the meantime,
please contact us for current availability and prices.
Thank you to our loyal following for continuing to support us through this transition.
If you're new to this site, we hope to add you to that loyal following! 
We occasionally sell registered and unregistered Red Poll cattle and "Red Jerseys." Red Jerseys is our term for  Red Poll-Jersey crosses, which make wonderful homestead dairy cows having the hardiness
and gentle disposition of the Red Poll and the milk production of the Jersey, although
Red Poll make good dairy cows themselves having come from a dairy cross in Great Britian. 
Our cows are handled daily. They are very tame and a joy to work with.  We sell to good homes only.
Future plans include adding honey bees and organic honey to the farm. Thank you!
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Eating will not be a mean occupation, but an act consummated with soul and spirit, for [we shall] know that everything we eat is the external form of something spiritual . . . Why have the initiates of all ages urged people to say grace before eating? The grace should be a token of the recognition that, together with the food, something spiritual enters into [us]."

 Rudolf Steiner

-Universe, Earth and Man.--Lecture III

Stuttgart, August 6th 1908