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True Nature Workshops

VView from the farm house    

Stay tuned for our upcoming 2019 Schedule of True Nature Workshops

Do you long to feel nature in the magical way you felt it as a child?

Do you long to work with nature as a partner?

While we grow up learning a mechanical interpretation of nature,

there is another way to know, be, and work with other beings on this earth--

a way known by the Ancients and philosophers, such as Rudolf Steiner.

A way still lived by many modern-day tribal peoples.

     The key to working with nature in this way is

to relearn or remember who we are; to align with our own true nature!     


No matter who you are

or from where you hail,

learning to live life from

the core of your own true nature

will transform your life

and the world around you!

*True Nature Workshops will help you:


*Shift your awareness and learn to speak "the language of the earth"

*Work with plants and animals as partners and teachers

*Develop your ability to "hear" answers and solutions from

the innate intelligence in the world around you

*Learn to do practical tasks with self-awareness

*Discover who you are, your own "true nature"

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